Strengthen Your Immune System

Strengthen Your Immune System

Strengthen your immune system by harnessing the power of diet, meditation and exercise. It is a case for concern that few people work on improving their immune system. Why bother when medicines abound over the counter? Don’t do this to yourself. Instead, aspire to be strong immune system, fit and healthy, Nurture that beautiful inner urge to attain a higher state of knowing, well-being, freedom, power, joy.

Keep faith in the processes of fitness exercise, fitness diet, fitness meditation by doing them sincerely, regularly, Regularity powerfully shifts the mind-body-mind rhythms toward a higher healing frequency. You lose some power when you become irregular.

Strengthen Your Immune System By Exercise

Exercise with heart. You are not just moving your limbs mechanically, you are pulsing strength and beauty signals into your heart’s functioning. The body ceases to clamor and moves into a tranquil dynamism, evolving from surviving to thriving.

How much should you fitness exercise? For maintenance, walk 16 km per week; for weight-loss or cholesterol reduction, walk 24 km per week. To rhythmise the body and mind, listen to music or spiritual discourses as you walk. Music contacts your emotional nature and taps your self-giving resources. Discourses clear, purify and interaction brings sweet fruits.

Further power your physical fitness processes with some key immunity strengthening foods. Find a balance between enjoying the sense that it’s good for you and the sense of taste. By giving in only to your sense of taste, you proceed towards lethargy or nervousness and finally illness.

Strengthen Your Immune System By Diet: Train yourself to observe how you feel with certain foods.

Example Diet for Fitness:

  • If you are slow and easy-going, you may find carbs such as potatoes, rice, wheat, fried foods sedate you and make you lethargic Leafy greens, raw salads, vegetables, apples pears, moong sprouts, black pepper pull you out of your regressive retreat and propel you to progressive dynamism.
  • If you are hyperactive and restless, acidic, ‘healthy’ tomatoes, garlic, pepper, papaya, honey, corn stoke your hot-headedness. Greens, mushrooms, melons, apples, rice, wheat, moong sprouts cool and calm your system.
  • If you are spaced out, dreamy and indecisive, yeasted bread, idlis and dosas that contain urad dal, sugar rajma, channa may make you more ‘airy’ and bloated. Heavy foods such as bananas, rice, oats anchor you; so du carrots, onions, green beans, melons, dals.
  • Carrots, green, tomatoes, guavas, oranges – these rich antioxidants which defuse illness-causing agents and enrich your immune cells.
  • Yogurt makes your digestive system secrete the enzyme immunoglobulin that strengthens your ability to repel disease.
  • Yogurt also cools inflammation. Mushrooms, apple juice and tea contain the antioxidant thiamine that purifies your lymphocytes.
  • Garlic, turmeric, fennel seeds (saunf) are excellent to stave off infections.
  • Lady fingers are supreme detoxifiers; a clean stomach is a healthy stomach.

Listen to your gut and say “No” boldly to any food that causes discomfort (acidity, headache, gas, muscle aches, etc). Since one year, my wife has been navigating the no acidity, no headache food highway successfully (she avoids chocolates, cheese, peanuts,) and feels really upbeat about not having to swallow painkillers. When you experience freedom from pain, the taste of old favorites automatically loosens its hold over your mind.

Strengthen Your Immune System By Meditation

The immune system can also strengthen through subtle forces called prana in Ayurveda. A strong immune system will to remain well and this intensity expressed through thoughts, mantras or prayers can channel pranic energies to an afflicted spot or course healingly through the entire body and mind. Of course, any medication that you may be having must be continued. Meditation is not an alternative therapy, it is a supplementary therapy.


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