Chest Pain and Heart Attack Causes and Symptoms

Chest Pain and Heart Attack Causes and Symptoms

17.2 Billion People are becoming the prey every year through out the world and die out of that. Once it was considered as the disease of the rich and now it is common to even the poor people. And this was once affecting the elderly people, but now a day youth are also suffered by this.75% of the deaths that occur all around the world is because of the heart problems. More that one man dies per a second by heart diseases.

What causes heart diseases?

Heart diseases will take a dimension of killer disease in 2020 says the medical researches. Modern life style, food, pollution, more time sitting in front of the TV and the computer, speaking in mobile phone continuously, lack of physical exercises, restlessness and mental stress are the factors causing heart problems.

Why chest pain occurs?

Oxygen is supplied by blood to the heart to function properly. Blockage occurs in the blood vessels that carry blood to the heart and thus inhibits the blood flow.  When the enough oxygen is not given to the heart chest pain occurs.

When do heart attacks occur?

This is an indication that there is blockage in the blood vessels.When these blood vessels are blocked fully and  the blood flow is obstructed, heart attack happens. The fat deposits and hardens in the blood vessels for various reasons so that the diameter of the blood vessels are decreased. The blood flow is affected because of this. Insufficient oxygen will make feel the chest pain. Sometimes these accumulated fats release from the arteries and enter into the small vessels and block the blood flow fully and that is how the heart attack happens.

Reasons for fat deposition

The fat deposition in the blood vessels occurs in two conditions such as avoidable and unavoidable. The unavoidable reasons are male gender, heredity and for the blacks. The life style, bad food habits, not having the fiber rich foods, mental stress, lack of physical exercises, high blood pressure, diabetes may also be the avoidable reasons. The very important among all these is high blood pressure. Now a day’s more than one billion people are affected by high blood pressure world wide.

The fat deposition in the veins do not occur suddenly.  A recent study says that It starts in the age of nine itself. We can prevent this from this age if we take the preventive measures. The word Angina is derived from the Greek word which means the “ heart cries for help”. If we do any hard work , there will be a small pain in the middle of the chest.

When do heart attacks occur?

The main function of the heart is pumping the blood to all parts of the body. Three blood vessels are involved in this. The fat deposition in the blood vessels leads to tumors and blocks the blood flow. So the blood flow to the muscles of heart will be inhibited and thus leads to stop functioning. This is Heart attack and this is the basic reason for death.

What is the right time to admit the hospital?

Usually the doctors say that it s right time when we bring the patient to the hospital. what is the right time here? In medical terminology it is called as golden hour. The person should be brought to the hospital within few hours of heart attack. Otherwise it will be critical. This is called as golden hour.

Can we feel the heart attack earlier?

If the blood vessels are blocked for half of the diameter, there will be pain in the center of the chest even if we walk for some distance. This is called Anjaina. This is a symptom for heart attack.

What is the reason behind heart attack?

Smoking is an important reason for heart attacks. In the last 25 years, a survey says that the death ratio of people by heart attack is more for those who are smoking,Even sudden deaths occur because of  smoking habit. 40% of people coming for the treatment have the habit of Smoking.

Is there any possibilities of heart attacks for those having diabetes?

There are chances of heart attack for those who are having Diabetes, High blood pressure, Obesity. Those do not have physical activity and having mental stress will lead to heart attacks.

How to prevent heart attack?

We can prevent heart attacks if we do not neglect the chest pain. Healthy food along with the exercises and yoga can prevent the heart problems if practiced from the young age itself. Those who are affected by such heart problems must keep them relaxed and happy always. The food rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables must be added to the diet. Daily walking practice as suggested by doctors will strengthen the heart.

Best 5 Ways to Prevent Heart Disease.

  1. Do Physical Activities
  2. Don’t use tobacco products
  3. Eat Healthy Diet
  4. Know your Cholesterol (Blood Lipids) and Sugar Levels
  5. Know your Blood Pressure


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