Reduce Obesity with Balanced Diet and Exercise

Reduce Obesity with Balanced Diet and Exercise

Obesity – nowadays a number of people are affected by this. The obesity problem increases day by day from children to elderly people.

Important Reason for Obesity

The important reason for this is lack of physical activity and the unbalanced diet. The diseases which are caused by obesity are capable of decreasing the life time and it is well known to everyone. But if balanced diet and necessary exercises are done, we can maintain the body fitness and live a healthy life.

The Value of Exercise


Every second who are spent for exercise are capable of increasing the life time. In recent studies, so many researches with 65000 people who is above 40 years, the results shows that those who has done 2.5 hours of mild exercises per week, the life time has been increased to 4.5 years. 10-15 minutes minimum exercise if done regularly the life time of person will be increased to 1 to 2 years.

Reduce Calorie Intake


250 calories in our usual diet and 200 calories in exercise can be decreased per day. We should not reduce more than 500 calories per day. We can do any type of physical exercise every day. For instance we can bent down and do house hold activities, cleaning the house, climbing up and down the stairs, especially climbing 2 steps together, making the steps wider while walking are more beneficial.

Jogging than Walking


There will be quick results on jogging than walking. Also ½ an hour before doing exercises, it is good to intake liquid diet like milk. After doing exercises, drinking the skimmed milk will help to reduce the body fat. People normally don’t think of exercises before getting complaints like blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases. Unless the doctor suggest and prescribe walking is necessary in the prescription sheet, they will do exercises under compulsion. But after doing exercises they will come to know the effectiveness of the exercises. After started doing exercises, digestion will become easier. Respiratory problem will be decreased, good sleep will occur. For all the above we feel refreshed all day. After starting exercises, people normally says that is no difference in weight like that. Those who is having liquid body, they will sweat more. Those who are having this kind of body, the measurement will be decreased, and then only they will decrease the weight.

The weight loss occurs according to the type of the body and the efficiency of walking. So instead of comparing with anyone, it is good to consult a doctor and a coach. So that we can do weight loss effectively.

Tips for reduce obesity.

In the modern world because of the changes in the life style and food habit, many people have the problem of obesity from children to aged people. Many people don’t know about the balanced diet but they are doing the exercises aggressively, intake only 2 times their food for a day and very small amount of food intake (crush diet) are disturbing our body health very much.

  • You should follow the food habit which must be had a necessity amount of calorie. Reduce the amount of food by eating it for 5 to 6 six times with a proper time interval instead of eating 3 times for a day. It will improve the health of your body.
  • To reduce the weight you must eat the food with less calorie, that is if your body needs 2000 calorie for a day then you have to intake only 1700 calorie. You have to intake less amount of calorie than your body need. If you follow the crush diet then you will get tired. For example your body needs 2000 calorie but if you intake only 1000 calorie then your health will be affected more. You have to slowly reduce the calories like 1800, 1700 like that. Very less calorie will give you the body tiredness etc.
  • You have to do walking and the easy exercises regularly for the obesity problem. Weight lifting and other hard exercises are not necessary to reduce the weight.
  • You should not skip the breakfast because after 8 hours sleep and the morning routines will make your stomach hollow. If you skip your breakfast regularly then you have to face a very big health issues.
  • The quantity of your breakfast is more than your lunch and the quantity of lunch is high compared with your dinner. If you skip your breakfast and intake the lunch and dinner in more quantity will give you the health problems. Diet control and regular exercises will give you the body fitness and you can overcome from the obesity problem.


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