Kidney Failure – Causes, Prevention and Diet

Kidney Failure – Causes, Prevention and Diet

Know about your kidneys

Kidney is an important organ in our body which will helps to clean the blood and removes the contaminants from our body. Important function of the kidney is to separate the urine from the blood and maintains the body temperature evenly. For a human failure of kidneys leads to death. Kidney is the only organ which will clean our blood. The healthy kidney is important to maintain a healthy body. Diabetes patient are suffering with kidney failure problem too.

What is the main function of the kidneys?

One fourth of our blood is pumping out by the heart which sends to the kidney for purification. 150 liter waste is filtered and 1.5 to 2 liter urine is excreted out from our body. Remaining will merge with the blood. Kidneys are not only cleaning the blood, other organ’s functions are accelerating by the kidney.

Kidney is maintaining the body’s fluid state on an equal level and regulates the blood pressure level. Kidney stimulates the production of red blood cells. It balances the level of calcium and phosphorus which is necessary for bone growth. Kidney balances the level of acid, alkaline, sodium, potassium, ammonium in our blood.


What happens if the kidney does not function properly?

The kidneys are not functioning properly, the blood will get contamination. It affects the production of red blood cells. Water, urea, sodium, and chemical products affected the balance of the body’s internal, external appearance will get changes. Shortness of breath, loss of consciousness, low blood pressure will be affected the body. When the kidneys are not working asphyxia, more coughing, chest pains, blood in sputum arrival, hiccup, loss of appetite, blood vomiting, confusion, limb tremor, nervousness, and dry skin will be happened.

What is the causes of kidney failure?

Malaria, fatal drug consumed, often with diarrhea, frequent intake of pain killer pills, alcohol addicts and not enough exercises is the main causes of kidney failure.

How to prevent kidney failure?

To avoid kidney problem, it is important to protect the body from the obesity. Smoking, drug abuse should be avoidable. Easily digestible food intake is good habit. Drink three liters of water daily. Banana stems and radish should be added in your diet.

Kidneys run smoothly if you do exercises daily, and eat the water content high vegetables. If water content of your body is low then there is a chance to get kidney problem. Especially the person who is with diabetes, eating foods high in sugar should be avoided.

Moreover, high blood pressure is also a cause of kidney failure. So often you must check the BP. There are many foods that keep the kidneys healthy, if they eat properly, not only the kidneys, the entire body can remain healthy.

Best foods for prevent kidney failure.

  • The benefit of garlic is enormous. If it is taken regularly we can avoid the heart diseases, to reduce the cholesterol level of the body and heals the wounds as well.
  • Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry has the necessary nutrients which is good for health. Eat it properly, to live with healthy kidneys and the digestive system will be work properly.
  • Either kidney disease is there or not, paprika is the very best food for the kidney. The low potassium and vitamins A, C and B-6, folic acid, and fiber is high is used to keep the kidneys healthy and prevent from any kind of cancers. Green sprout in the diet is very good for health. It keeps the kidneys very clean and also prevents the kidney stones.
  • Cabbage is the very best for kidneys. This vegetable will keep the smooth kidney movement. Therefore add these vegetables in your diet often. Apple keeps the blood flow smooth and clean kidneys and cleaning the blood. So it is better to eat an apple every day.
  • Olive Oil is very good for heart. Moreover Olive oil has the fatty acids will helps to kidney functioning properly and makes it healthy. Therefore, it is better to use olive oil in cooking.

How diet can help for your Kidney failure? Follow the dietitian’s advice closely to get the most from your hemodialysis treatments. Here are a few diet help for kidney failure.


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