H-pylori and Ulcer – Reason, Symptoms and Recovery

Ulcer- Spicy food is the cause of ulcer?

Doctors said that, the above quote is true until yesterday. They are saying stress, anxiety, food habits, anger, tension are also the cause of ulcer. In recent, doctors saying H-pylori (Helicobacter Pylori) bacteria is the cause of ulcer formation. However by skipping the food in time and often taking the spicy food leads to the ulcer as a serious condition.

H-pylori? Dr.Barry J.Mashall and Robin Varen found the Bacteria and gave it a form who won the Nobel prize in the year 2005. Marshall proved this by injected the germ in his stomach and self examined himself. These germs can be stuck on the inside walls of the intestine. These produced the acidity in the intestine and also create the gastric problem. This acidity and gastric problem will be the cause of the ulcer.

What is the reason for H-pylori production?

  • Eating unhealthy and unhygienic food habit.
  • You have to wash the vessels properly before eat the food.
  • Eating some of the food and eating the same again and again
  • Eating the refrigerated food even it is spoiled
  • Eating the road side food at the time of travelling or any emergency.
  • Eating the food which is in the open container, or eating the snacks.
  • The above facts are the main reasons for H-pylori infection in our intestine. If we avoid this we can avoid the ulcer problem.

What are the symptoms of ulcer?

Weight loss, Anorexia, Nausea, vomiting often, Heartburn, stomach Combustion, stomach burning sensation after intake of food too, can’t find any taste in the food are the symptoms of ulcer.

How the ulcer is forming?

In our stomach the starting point of the small intestine is the ulcer affected part. The eaten food will be surrounded by the digestive acids and get a change. The acid is very powerful which will harm our finger too. Our intestines walls are very strong so they are not getting any damage by this acid. But H-pylori infection and some other reasons the acid will be produced more prevalent. Because of that the intestine’s wall will get the lesion. This is called ulcer.

The spicy food is not the cause of ulcer?

Spicy food is not a reason for ulcer but wound in the intestinal wall will get irritation and pain due to the spicy food. Even the bland food also gives irritation and pain at the time of ulcer.


Does the untimed food habit cause the ulcer?

If you give a long time gap between the food time the intestine will be hollow without food. At that time the acid produced for digestion will starts harming the intestine. If it turns to routine, the intestine will get the wound. And also the H-pylori infected person will easily affected by this ulcer. So the timing food habit is best for the ulcer free life.

Will the tension, frustration, stress is the cause of ulcer?

These are not the reason for the ulcer. But due to afraid they will feel something inside their stomach. Due to tension some acid will be produced in the stomach. More acid secretion is the cause of ulcer.

Is there any other reason for ulcer except H-pylori?

H-pylori is the 80 percent reason for the ulcer. Apart from this continuous use of tobacco, smoking, high alcohol intake, intake of pain killer medicines are the main reasons for the ulcer.

How to get recover from ulcer?

  • Ulcer is not a chronic disease. It can be cured in a couple of weeks. The diet control will help to get rid of the ulcer. Avoid spicy, sour and oily dishes in your diet.
  • You must add yogurt and buttermilk in your diet.
  • Eat more vegetables.
  • Should not consume alcohol and stop smoking.
  • Add well cooked rice, greens and butter milk in your diet. Rice porridge is very good for our health.
  • Avoid fried food items, sweets, spicy food from your diet. 
  • Maintain a proper time gap to take food instead swallowing everything in a time.
  • Follow the doctor’s advice to get recover from the H-pylori infection, and ulcer can be completely curable in 2 weeks.