The Reason and Prevention of Food Poisoning

The Reason and Prevention of Food Poisoning

I read a news today, a teen girl was affected by severe stomach pain after having the chicken fried rice. In the end she died. Doctors told that the peanut mixed in chicken has made the food as poison. But we should understand that the death is not occurred because of mixing peanuts and chicken together.

The reason for poisoning of food is like preserving the food for 6 days of the cooked food and having the food fast and fast because of time constraint.

If we do not care food poison it can even cause death and damage the brain and cause stroke. So let us know something about food poisoning and preventing it.

  1. Protein rich foods are perishable. So we can avoid food poisoning by the following. Peanuts, milk, mutton, chicken are perishable. So we have to use them fresh.
  2. The deep fried food should not be used if they are kept for many days. Otherwise it will cause food poison.
  3. If the bread has a fungal infection, we should not use the unaffected portion. It will definitely cause the food poison.
  4. Refrigerators are the main cause of food poisoning. The fungi in one food material spread to other objects and spoil all the materials. We cannot see them.
  5. So while keeping the things in refrigerators we should keep them in separate covers. If anything is affected by fungus we should discard them.
  6. Avoid keeping the excessive food in refrigerators.
  7. We usually use the things for cooking are expired in date. This is equaled to spoiling the food ourselves.

To cure food poison affect

  1. One table spoon of ginger juice is mixed with honey and eaten.
  2. The cumin seeds are put in boiled water for 15 minutes and if you drink that water will cure the food poison.
  3. The basil leaf juice is mixed with honey and eaten.
  4. Banana or apple juice with more water content will be given to drink.
  5. Often intake of Lemon juice with sugar mixture will cure the food poison immediately
  6. Mint tea can be given to drink
  7.  Clean water has to be drunken those who are affected by food poison.
  8. If we eat the food with other one will be the cause of food poison, If you eat chicken then should not drink milk or if you ate fish then don’t add curd with your food, greens are not suitable with butter milk are purely humbug. 

Prevention of Food Poisoning

  • The cook and the person who is eating the food should clean their hands. Keep your kitchen also clean.
  • The chopping board and the knife should be cleaned.
  • Fruits, vegetables and greens must be cleaned before use.
  • Make sure that the food get room temperature if it is refrigerated priory.
  • If you want to use the food for two to three days then you must store it in different containers.
  • If you sense any bad smell or fungus in the food you must avoid the food.
  • Keep the food items from the house hold animals.


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