XBX Plan For Women

XBX Plan For Women

Your Appearance: Your appearance is controlled by the bony frame of your body, and by the proportions of fat and muscle which you have added to it. You cannot do anything about your skeleton, but you can, and should, do something about the fat and muscle.

All of us require a certain amount of fat on and in our bodies for functional reasons. Fat softens the bony contours of the body; it helps to keep the body temperature constant: and it acts as an energy storage vault. Fat appears in layers on the outside of the body, covers and lines the internal organs – the heart and blood vessels, for example – and it also makes up a part of muscle.

Except for certain neurotic or glandular conditions, people are over-fat because they over-eat and under-exercise. Muscle is the other controllable factor in the appearance. When we are young we are fairly active; the muscles of our bodies are used and they retain that pleasing firmness – muscle tone. The less we exercise muscles the softer and more flabby they become. They become small with disuse, less elastic, and much weaker. Much of what is considered fatness in the abdominal region is nothing more than weak stomach muscles which permit the internal organs to sag forward. Your muscles perform the same function as a girdle keep them as resilient your foundation garment.

Because the condition of your muscles is so important to the way you look and feel, diet alone is not the best method for trying to improve your body measurements. The best method is a combination of diet and exercise. A thigh that is made up of little muscle and a lot of fat may have the same measurement as one that has firm muscle and a light fat layer, but – let’s face it – it is just not the same thigh. Do not confuse good muscle tone with bulky, unsightly muscles. The XBX is designed to firm your muscles – not to convert you into a muscled woman.

What You Can Do About Fitness?

Unless you are engaged in a full-time program of conditioning for athletic endeavors you should take part in some form of active exercise. The average woman s engaged in one of three activities daily – school, employment, or housework. None of these provides the balanced activity for the body that is desirable for good physical fitness. House work for example, though it may involve a good deal of hard physical labor, does not take into account the flexibility of the muscles, nor does it work all the muscles of the body. Day after day you do the same things. The muscles that work get plenty of exercise; the others get little or none.

A slight change in diet (along with XBX) can take off, and keep off, several pounds of excess fat over a period of time. For example, if you eat bread with your meals, eat one slice less; add a little less sugar or none at all, to your tea or coffee. The calories so avoided each day add up to several thousand in a few months and may be the difference between the way you look and feel and the way you would like to look and feel. By the time you have arrived at the condition you desire your habits will have been changed enough so that you will probably not slip back into the old ones.

The XBX Plan Diet

For many women, the knowledge that they have gained a few pounds. or added a few inches, causes what may be called the diet reflex’. Without pause to consult a medical expert they resort immediately to their favorite diet, which is more usually a fast. If you wish to go on a stringent diet – consult your doctor first.


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