Weight Control Program

Weight Control Program

The major purpose of weight control is to reduce the amount of fat on the body and to increase the amount of muscle. It is, in reality, a program of fat control rather than weight control. This control can be exerted only by coupling sensible dietary programs with a regular, balanced program of exorcise.

When we eat, the food is used, stored, or discarded. The body stores fuel, or calories, as fat. The more fuel we consume, and the less of it we use, then the more of it that is stored in the body in the form of fat. The human body is not like a car’s petrol tank that will overflow when full. Our bodies accept all the calories that we put into them, and store those which we do not use.

For example, if you eat food that has a value of 3,000 calories and use only 2,600 of them in your activity, then the remaining 100 calories are stored in the body. Every time you accumulate about 4,000 of these calories you will notice an extra pound of weight on the scales.

When you exorcise you burn calories. Energy used in this way will result in muscle development. As muscle is slightly heavier than fat, you may very well notice an increase in your weight rather than a reduction. How ever it must be stressed that this muscle weight is useful weight and will improve the way you look and feel. Research has shown clearly that the most effective way of taking off weight and keeping it off is through a program which combines exercise and diet

Weight control exercise programs

This page is concerned primarily with the habits of exercise and diet as steps on the road to control weight. Many more ways and means exist which can become habits that will also contribute to this goal. Try to make some of these a part of your daily living and you will soon find that without conscious effort, or extra ‘work’, you are gaining many benefits.

Walking is an excellent weight control exercise if done at a faster pace than a slow shuffle. If you use public transport, do not use the nearest or most convenient stop, but get on or off a few streets away and walk briskly. Walk to the corner shop or post box rather the use your car. At every opportunity, walk rather Than ride. Climb a few flights of stairs, instead of using the lift or escalator.

Use your muscles for lifting objects when you are able, rather than pushing them. Even an everyday weight control program practice like drying yourself with a towel after bathing can become a fitness activity. Rub down briskly rather than daubing.

When standing, sitting, or lying, tense the muscles of the abdomen and hold for about six seconds. Do this a few limes each day. Constantly think of how you look, and walk tall and sit tall, always attempting to maintain a good postural position.


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