Types of Weight Benches

Types of Weight Benches

Get fit with weight Benches: Lot of focus given to fitness and exercise. There are lots of equipment’s for exercising depending on your goal and these equipment’s are amazing. These equipments not only keep one fit and in shape, they are also geared to limit back pains, as well as help reduce exercise-related injuries. These exercise weight benches are ideal for those who wish to trim down, keeping their bodies and their health in good shape.

Weight training benches may be of various designs: fixed horizontal, fixed inclined, fixed in a folded position, with one adjustable portion, with two or more adjustable portions, with racks to hold bars, etc. In short, the definition of a bench blurs into that of combinations that mix a bench and associated equipment. An exercise bench is also known as weight bench and abdominal bench. Abdominal weight benches are fitted with feet holders on their sides, and can be inclined at adjustable intervals. They are ideal for sit ups, which are exercises which focus on the abdomen area of an exerciser. But an exercise bench isn’t simply limited for abdomen fittings, as the exercise equipment can tone other parts of an exerciser’s body.

Weight Benches – Features

Weight Benches are manufactured in an array of qualities, features, and come with different prices. Like, bars, weight benches come in a variation of styles and functions, depending on personal preference and necessity. Some are mere utility flat, stationery weight benches or stools, for doing simple presses or repetitions, to multi-functional incline- decline adjustable benches.

Types of weight benches

Weight benches usually have a pair of upright racks at one end, which support a barbell and weights. The bench is designed so that user sits or lies down on the bench, typically with the legs on either side of the bench, and lifts the barbell with his arms. Most weight benches are divided into two or more portions, which can be adjusted at different angles to allow a variety of positions and intensities. Depending on the type and position, weight benches can tone and enhance the upper arms, thighs, and abdomen. You can exercise with this type of bench using dumbbells, resistance bands, and free weights when used with a power rack. Many of these weight benches are adjustable so that you can do bench press, incline press and decline press all from one bench. Some of these equipments also have additional accessories like leg extension, leg curl, lat, or preacher curl attachments. Using a weight bench in these different positions changes the emphasis on how your muscles have to work and move.

Flat Bench – The most basic of exercise benches are actually flat benches, with ample cushion support for the back, which could be used for complete dumbbell workouts. This bench is great for exercises like Chest Press, Dumbbell Rows, and Lying Triceps Extensions.

Incline Bench – On this bench you lay back at an angle where your head is positioned above your hips. On most weight benches the level of incline is adjustable depending on the exercise you are doing. This bench is great for exercises like Incline Dumbbell Bicep Curls and Incline upper Chest Flyes.

Decline Bench -It is the opposite of Incline- your head is below your hips when you are lying back and these weight benches have a place to secure your legs to keep you from sliding onto the floor. These weight benches are great for exercises like Decline lower Chest Presses, Abdominal Curl-ups, and Decline Leg Lifts.

Dumbbell weight benches -Dumbbell benches are used for lifting dumbbells instead of barbells. They usually do not include barbell racks and are often just simple flat benches. Some models an adjustable upper half to allow different angles and intensities. Additional functions such as preacher curl and leg press attachments are also commonly added.

Preacher curl weight benches -Preacher curl benches are used to tone the biceps and keep the arms stabilized during the workout. They are commonly used with Olympic or standard curl bars. They are relatively small and easy to move, making them ideal for home gyms.

Ab benches/ Ab weight benches – Ab benches are used as surfaces for cur-ups and other abdominal workouts. They can be horizontal or declined, and usually include foot grip at one end. Some are also adjustable to direct the workout to different areas of the abdomen.

Olympic weight benches – Olympic weight benches are designed to support standard seven-foot and Olympic-sized bars. They are usually 48 inches wide with the bar holders set at the exact distance to support official sizes, so that smaller bars cannot rest properly on the racks. They are the most popular weight benches and are found in most gyms and fitness centers. They are ideal for advanced weight lifters and those seeking a full body workout.


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