Exercise, Rest, Relaxation, Revitalization

Exercise, Rest, Relaxation, Revitalization

It is just as important that your body receives adequate rest as it is that it be exercised. Sleep requirements vary from person to person and each person is his own best judge of these needs. The important thing is to awake refreshed and revitalized. A few tips on getting the most from your bedtime hours:

  • Keep the room as dark as possible;
  • Do not take your problems to bed with you, if you must think, think calm, restful thoughts;
  • Mild exercise before retiring may be helpful;
  • If you are hungry, have a light snack or a warm, non-stimulating beverage.

Relaxation, both mental and physical, is becoming more and more essential in the fast moving hurly-burly world in which we live. Many emotional tensions are reflected in physical tensions, both organic and muscular.

You can consciously reduce both forms of tension. Physically you can learn to relax muscle groups. A simple illustration is this: hold your hands in front of you, tighten up the muscles of the forearms so that the hands and fingers are straight, abruptly relax them so that the hands fall limply. Try this with other muscles – tighten – then relax. Stretch, writhe, and wriggle yourself into a relaxed state.

For mental relaxation try consciously to think pleasant and restful thoughts, ignoring for a while the troubles of the day. Healthy forms of recreation (picnics, golf etc.) are fine ways to release not only the physical tensions, but some of the mental ones as well.

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