Passive Exercise Machines

Passive Exercise Machines

Gimmicks and Passive Exercise

Many exercise gimmicks attempt to give the impression that trimming the hips and thighs can be almost as simple as turning on a machine. Vibrator belts and roller machines are often used to perform the work while the individual remains passive. Unfortunately, weight loss can only be accomplished by burning more calories than are consumed. Because the use of passive exercise machines does not force the exerciser to work, no significant calorie expenditure occurs and little, if any, weight is lost.

Fat cannot be beaten or massaged away. Massaging a particular area, in hopes of changing fat into something else and driving it away, wastes both time and effort. It does, however, cause the massager to burn more calories, and perhaps get into better shape.

Elasticized or rubberized suits or wrapping bands that supposedly cause weight loss do not work period. All they do is prevent perspiration from evaporating. Because people appear to perspire more while wearing such suits or bands, they may think that the suit is a wondrously easy way to weight loss. This feeling of easy weight loss may be reinforced when a person actually does lose a little weight immediately after a workout in such a suit. This loss is only temporary, however. Any water that is lost through perspiration must be replenished to maintain proper health.

In addition to causing the postponement of a healthy regimen that would result in genuine weight loss, impervious suits can actually be dangerous. Perspiration has a purposeā€”to cool the body by evaporation, to prevent body temperature from rising too high. When evaporation is prevented, heat exhaustion or heat stroke can result.

One excuse frequently given for the failure to exercise is lack of time. It would seem that if the President of the United States can find thirty minutes to one hour for exercising almost every day, even while on important foreign missions, the rest of us can also find the time.

Regular exercise makes a person physically and mentally more fit, more confident, and happier with his or her self-image. That, more than anything, is what shaping up is all about. I am dedicate this articles to those who believe that the investment in time spent exercising is well worth the dividends that begin much sooner than might be expected.


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