Health Benefits of Pomegranate

Health Benefits of Pomegranate

Pomegranate increases the immunity system of the body. They destroy the virus microbes, fastly and effectively. So the diseases are cured and a good amount of energy is incorporated to the body. It has sweetness, sourness. The sweet and sour pomes are good energy givers. The fruit, flower and the bark of pomegranate tree all contain medicinal properties. These fruits have iron, sugar, calcium and phosphorous and other minerals and micronutrients.

Nutrients: 100 gram of pomegranate fruit contains 78% water, 15% carbohydrate, 1.7% protein, 0.1% fat, 0.01% calcium, 0.07% phosphorous, 0.03 unit iron, 16 unit Vitamin C, 10 unit Vitamin B2

Health Benefits of pomegranate fruit, juice, seeds, and skinpomegranate-nutrition

For blood: The menstrual problems of girls will be vanished if the pomegranate juice is taken for 40 days regularly. The memory power will be increased. The hemoglobin content will be increased and the body will be healthy. The pomegranate juice mixed with honey is taken in the morning after breakfast body health and energy will be improved. Blood cells will be synthesized newly.

Pomegranate flower, arukampul, (cynodon dactylon) pepper, jeera, athimathuram taken is taken in equal quantity and boiled. 30 ml of this liquid is taken and mixed with butter and eaten thrice a day and if eaten regularly the toxicity of the blood will be removed.

Cough: Make a hole on the top of the pomegranate fruit, add 15 ml of edible almond oil and heat the fruit placing in a vessel. The oil will mix with the fruit. If we eat this fruit chest pain will be relieved. Cough will disappear. Take the ginger juice and mix it with equal quantity of pomegranate juice. Add a teaspoonful of honey and drink it. The chronic dry cough will be relieved.

Mouth ulcer: Dried pomegranate flowers-10 gram, the bark of pome tree 20 gram is taken and boiled together with padikaram (Alum). This water is used to goggle; this goggling water should enter up to throat. The throat ulcer, throat pain and mouth ulcers will be cured.

For diarrhea: It’s a curative measure for diarrhea. The pomegranate buds are dried and made into powder, add some cardamom (elachi), kasakasa powder (poppy seeds) for 10 grams, mix all these with ghee and have in the morning and evening for chronic diarrhea and dysentery. Those who have become week, can have this Body weight will increase, energy level will increase and throat, chest, lungs are strengthened by this.

Piles: Pomegranate flower juice is taken for 15 ml, have this along with kalkandu will cure the piles. It will reduce the body heat. It will cure the vomit and faintness. Take 300 gram of pomegranate flower juice ans boil it with 200 gram of cow ghee. Filter the ghee. Have this for 2 teaspoons daily. Immunity will be increased. If taken it for 20 days regularly will cure all types of piles.

Ulcer: The pomegranate fruit skin is dried and powdered. If it is taken for 15 ml daily stomach pain, stomach upset will be cured. The sour fruit skin is added with myristica fragrance in equal quantity and ground with vinegar. Make this paste into tablet in the size of pepper. If 2-5 tablets are taken daily, stomach ulcer will be cured.

Stomach Pain: Flower juice taken in 2 teaspoons along with sugar candy (kalkandu) powder is taken in morning and evening for curing stomach pain will be cured. 10 flowers if boiled with one cup of water and made into half a cup if taken along with sugar candy (kalkandu) will also provide the same cure.

For women: Pomegranate flowers -15 gram, 25 gram of sugar is ground and taken in morning and evening the white discharge will be cured. The seeds of pomegranate, root bark, stem bark is taken in equal proportion, dried and powdered. It should be mixed with 5 gram of hot water to cure the problems related to pregnancy.

For men: The seed if eaten the semen will become thick. The fertility will be improved if they eat the seeds of pomegranate.


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