Exercise Workout Schedule

Exercise Workout Schedule

Exercise Workout Schedule

People who can exercise at a regular time each day usually are the best at sticking to it. Do not try to do it “when time permits,” or it never will. Some people are good morning exercisers, while others find it easier later in the morning, around lunchtime, in the afternoon, or in the evening. It depends on your schedule.

Obviously, those with jobs outside the home have more restrictions on their time.Avoid exercising for at least one hour after a light meal, and two hours after a regular meal. If you do plan to exercise soon after a meal, do not drink milk. Save it for after the workout. Some people feel it’s best to be alone when exercising. Turn on some music if you like. Find a quiet place of your own, at a time of day that’s your own. That place and that time are yours to work on the problem areas you want to slim and trim, firm and tone.

Select a workout schedule and stick with it. Three times a week is the absolute minimum. Every other day is better if you can avoid skipping your workout shedule on the weekends. Some people workout every day, with an occasional day off. Others, such as the authors, take only a rare day off (like Christmas or the last day of the World Series).

Many people start new exercise programs with great enthusiasm, only to lose interest after a week or two. This is usually attributed to attempting to do too much at the start and expecting results too quickly. Start on this program slowly. Do not spend so much time on it that it becomes a chore. You should look forward to your next workout schedule, not dread it. It is better to exercise regularly for short periods than for long sessions irregularly. After you get accustomed to the program, slowly increase the amount of time spent on it.

If possible, play music during your exercise sessions. Exercising in time to music helps you continue to exercise long after you would normally have quit. Schedule your workout at the same time each day. Make it an appointment with yourself, a commitment that you refuse to miss. If you are not able to exercise at your regular time, however, do so at another time that day. Write your workout time on your daily calendar, and treat it just as you would any other appointment. Everyone needs motivational help now and then, and there are several suggestions we can make to help you keep exercising regularly. If you do not like working out alone, do it with a friend or two, if possible. If, however, your friends cannot make it on a given day, do not let that cause you to miss.

It is impossible to ease up on the exercise schedule and good eating habits and remain in shape. Regular exercise and good eating habits must become permanent behavior patterns.


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