Door Gym Benefits

Door Gym Benefits

Door Gym Exercise and Benefits for Healthy living

At times you just may feel like stretching your arms, shoulders or may just feel like doing pull-ups. The best suited equipment for this would be a Door Gym. The door gym can be taken virtually anywhere and is perhaps the most efficient piece of fitness equipment especially when you have no space for treadmill or a gym.

The Door Gym Workout Bas is economical, space saving unit that mounts in your door frame and allows you to perform pull-ups/chin-ups, deep pushups-biceps pull curl, upper arms pull over your head, pull frontward to train your biceps and acts as a leg holder for doing sit ups & crunches.

Door Gym Features:

  • The Door Gym is all you need for your core body development.
  • The Door Gym is specially designed to attach to your door without screws, bolts or fasteners.
  • Simple to assemble and easy to use.
  • Portable in design.
  • Great for both men and women.
  • The Door Gym can be installed and removed in seconds.
  • Lets you perform four different styles of pull-ups to work the back, shoulders and biceps.
  • Very economical it ranges from $50 to $75

Other than the functionality of the Door Gym, a key benefit is that this exercise equipment can easily and quickly be added or removed from the door frame without the use of any screws. You can quickly setup this exercise equipment without damaging your door frame. Unique cantilever design uses your own body weight to stay in place.

Door Gym Benefits: Door Gym enables you to perform a variety of different chin-up and stretching exercise. Door gym also includes close grip handles so that you can isolate the muscles in the middle back. By using the additional hand adjustments door gym you can train back and biceps.

The Door Gym goes beyond the average pull-up bar in other ways. Thanks to a pair of close-grip handles that are attached to the center of the bar these handles allow you to position your palms to face each other as you pull, isolating the muscles within the middle of your back that help build size and strength while conditioning the primary muscles responsible for keep the spine erect for better all-day posture.

The door gym can also be a good pushup and sit-up bar, all you have to do is simply relocate the door gym to the bottom of the frame. The door gym will support your feet for sit-ups and can also be used to workout the chest muscles as a pushup bar. The Door Gym is a great piece of workout equipment the most convenient, versatile piece of home exercise equipment. It is an ultimate body sculpting strength building tool that could get you into an enviable shape.


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