Causes of Constipation and Its Related Diseases

Causes of Constipation and Its Related Diseases

What is the cause of constipation?

There are simple reasons and also there are extraordinary reasons. Usually drink less than 2 to 3 liters of water per day, Eating fruit and fiber-rich foods, oily and fried food, eating too much of red-colored meat dishes and lack of exercise are the simple reasons. Mostly these are the of young people’s “Lifestyle” problems.  Except them if rectal cancer and lumps can cause constipation.

Feces were not properly dismissed, the people have the feeling to spend the shit again and again, or at that time you are having pain you must meet the specialist.

If you see blood mixed with feces, it means the colon has hemorrhage internally. Ulcer and also be a symptom of colon cancer. The two sides of the rectum have the muscle like a thin cushion. This gives the most important contribution to expel stool. If constipation occurs the cushions get a pressure and drop down. These vulnerabilities known as internal and external piles.

Timely eating habit, limited food, eating fruits and vegetables, balanced and traditional nutritional food, well established life style modification will support the long journey of food and improve the digestion which helps to expel the stool.

Usually when we refer to as constipation?

Colon cleaning activities are done by the people only once in the early hours of the morning. Some of them are spending time in toilet two days once. Once in a day or two days once stool have to leave from the body without any curb letting crisis. People are so desperate to leave tightening stool problem. The impression of spending stool often, it will not leave fully and the people feel to expel the stool again and again also known as constipation.

The impression to spend shit often, the people feel the stools stayed in their body and it is not leaving at a time is also known as constipation.

Constipation and that caused related diseases.

Nearly 50 percent of people in the world, about 45 per cent in India are living with the constipation and living a neurotic life. It is based on the body can cause various diseases like piles, anal explosion, fistula, colon cancer, hemorrhoids etc.

What are the symptoms of piles?

Heavy blood loss while bowel movements, which will not mostly hurt but gives an uncomfortable feel.

What is anal explosion?

When hardened stools expel, will cause cracks in the anal area. The impact of bowel had pain like tarring with knife. They would experience the cruel pain which is like rubbing with ground glass. Heavy blood loss and sore cause much disturbance.

What is the cause of fistula?

Final part of the rectum is the starting place of anal has anal gland which gives the moisture. The prevalence of infection in the gland pus will be formed there and it turned as tumor. That moved to the anal and exploded which looks like a ‘pipe’. While the bowel movement the stools get into the ‘pipe’. Equulosis will form and burst again and again. This is called fistula.

When this disease occurs the anus will get more pain. The pus and blood also leaked outside. It is severe than hemorrhoids and anal explosion. It will affect those aged 20 to 45 years old. Male and female, both are affected. If women noticed any symptoms have not been reserved to meet a doctor. Women’s diffidence would increase the impact of this disease.

What are the symptoms of colon cancer?

Piles, explosion of the anus and the fistula are the sign of colon cancer indication. That’s why these diseases should be very cautious. Colon cancer is low in India, but the rectal cancer is increasing year by year. Men are affected more by this disease. If iron deficiency with anemia is the symptom of small intestine cancer, colon cancer, any of which may be. If bowel cancer is affected the parents then the children are also having more chances.

What are all the diagnostic methods to find these diseases?

The doctor came to examine what are the disease of the rectum, anus, to the extent that it has affected in the proctoscopy camera drove into the colon to examine. Colonoscopy mode can be done for testing. It can be treated through that. The two-meter-long alligator camera connected to the big intestine. Thereby testing, treatment should be carried out. When noticing the signs you should start to get treatment. Otherwise surgery or the laparoscopy treatments required to cure.

Is it correct the long time sit and work are the cause of hemorrhoids?

The most body heat will be the cause of the above-mentioned disease is not right.  Being without consuming adequate amounts of water, food habits odds, the odds of life style changes, such as stress due to various issues are the cause for this disease. Other professionals working in the fields of information technology and more young people are affected by these diseases. May adjusting our lifestyle to prevent, and getting the right treatment is the best way to escape from the disease.


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