Benefits of Using Weight Benches

Benefits of Using Weight Benches

This very simple tool serves the obvious purpose of getting you off the floor while you are performing fitness exercises. When you are elevated off the floor your range of motion is no longer limited when the weights reach the ground before you have completed the whole movement. Weight Benches also support your back while you are weight-training and help to stabilize your body. When your body is stabilized properly you can then isolate the muscle you are trying to work during an fitness exercises.

How to Use Your Weight Bench for Maximum Benefits? We often use weight benches as a tool to teach people what proper posture feels like and how they can strengthen their core while gently having their back supported. Once they can learn this they start feeling the fitness exercises in the correct muscles rather than having their posture muscles straining and overcompensating.

We frequently see people using Weight Benches for Strength Training and they are making a HUGE mistake! They are arching their backs not using their abdominals, and moving their head all over the place. Without realizing it they are doing exercises incorrectly and could potentially injure themselves.

Here is how YOU can avoid this problem. Before you start doing the exercise with weight, try it without weights. Lay back and perform the movement while you think about your posture. Pull your abdominals in, pull your head back to rest on the bench, fold your shoulder blades together and flat against the bench, and think about lengthening your spine to be as tall as it can be.

Do a couple of repetitions without weight and keep your posture in this strong and supported position. Now try it with weights. If you are unable to keep your posture in this stable position, you need a lighter weight. Give yourself a little time and this method will not only make your more aware of your posture, it will also make your core muscles stronger!


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