The VPL and VBS workout Record sheet

The VPL – The Visible Panty Line

In the world of fashion, a recent phenomena that is paraded before our eyes regularly on the television screen is concern over the VPL, the Visible Panty Line. As the camera zeroes in on two derrières, we see how much more socially acceptable a smooth one is than one sporting a VPL.

The VBS – The Visible Bulges and Saddle Bags

Women who are truly fashion-conscious should nevertheless show more concern over their VBS. It is only a hollow victory to win the war against the VPL if the VBS—Visible Bulges and Saddlebags—remain. Take care of the VBS first; then worry about the VPL.

The VPL and VBS workout Record sheet

Take your measurements and record them so you can keep track of your progress. Measure yourself in five places:

1. Waist (yes, these exercises will also benefit your waist);
2. Hips;
3. Buttocks;
4. Upper thighs;
5. Midway between the knees and upper thighs.

Anyone knows how to measure the waist. To measure your hips, stand facing a mirror and place the measuring tape around the widest part. To measure the buttocks, stand side ways and measure the part that protrudes the most. For the thighs, place the tape around one thigh as high as possible. Look in the mirror, facing front, and make sure the tape is straight. Then adjust the tape midway between that spot and the knee to measure the mid-thigh. Be sure to measure both legs; they may differ slightly. Write your measurements in your workout notebook or record sheet, and compare every month.


Keeping Track of Your Progress

One way of encouraging yourself to stick with any program is to keep track of what you have done. One of the best ways is to get a stenographer’s notebook or record sheet and put a date on each line, or every other line. Record the exercise numbers and the repetitions you do each day, the distances and times if you run, and your weight. Record your measurements once a month. If you miss a few days, the blank spaces begin to glare at you.

Do not get discouraged if there does not seem to be much immediate change. Over several months, however, you can get good results if you exercise regularly and watch your eating.

Date/Day Morning Weight

Exercise Numbers and Reps. (Warm-ups before & warm-downs not shown)

1T 115

EX1-9 Reps/2-10/3-12/4-20/5-14/6-8/7-15/50-15

2F 114.5


35 114


45 114

Missed-Hike in the mountains

5M 114


6T 114

Skipped-Lazy-No Excuse

7W 114


8T 113.5


9F 113


105 113.5